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Academic Advising


The School of Business faculty are available each semester for academic advising.  Students are encouraged to seek out their faculty advisor throughout the semester if they have any questions or concerns.  Faculty interaction with students is a major component of our business model.

To simplify the registration process, we encourage students to connect to NSU Connect through their myNSU account at

–If you have completed less than 30 hours at NSU, you will have an advisement hold on your account.  You will need to call or email your advisor and they will be able to assist you with an “alternate PIN” for registering your classes.

–If you have over 30 hours at NSU, you may register yourself online at

–Transfer students with more than 30 hours can also register on-line (after speaking with an advisor).

Additional information about common registration errors may be found at this link:  Common Registration Errors

Advising Aids

Business Analytics: 110M (24 semester hours) Business Administration 3120, Computer Information Systems 1030, 2980, 4000, 4070, Management 3500, 4460, Marketing 4440.
Entrepreneurship (110N): (24 semester hours) Business Administration 4000 (05), 4190; Finance 4120, 4220, Management 4450, 4700; Marketing 4370, and 4500.
Finance (110I) (23 semester hours) Business Administration 4900; Finance 2150, 3090, 3100, 4200, 9 hours of advanced finance electives
International Business (110L): (23 semester hours) Business Administration 3270, 4000, 4160, 4900, 6 hours of a foreign language, Management 4350, 4700.
Management (110J): (23 semester hours) Business Administration 4900; Management 3220, 4500, 4320, 12 hours of advanced management electives.
Marketing (110K): (23 semester hours) Business Administration 4900, Marketing 3230, 18 hours of advanced marketing electives.

Business Administration Minor Requirements: (non-business majors) (21 semester hours) Accounting 2000, 2010;Management 3220; Marketing 3230; Economics 2000, 2010; three hours of advanced business electives.
CIS Degree Plans

Please refer to the School of Business section in the appropriate Course Catalog located on the Registrar’s webpage.

** CIS classes do not count as Business Electives for the Spring, Summer, and Fall 2011 Catalogs.

For a change of major, you must complete the Major Change Form and submit the completed form to the Registrar’s office.
For information about your academic credits transferring to Business Administration degree in the School of Business, please contact your academic advisor.