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School of Business Annual Campaign -Alumni Donations

We invite you to make donations to the School of Business’ Annual Campaign.

Click here to make donations online.  Be sure to select “College of Business and Technology” in the ‘Category’ drop-down menu. Also, you can check with your employer to see if you work for a matching gift company.

Any gift, regardless of the size, is appreciated—participation is vital. We thank you in advance for helping to improve the quality of education in the School of Business at NSU!

Board of Director’s ($1,000 or more)

Dr. Doyle Zane Williams
Ms. Mary Elise McWilliams
Bank of Montgomery
Caesars Entertainment Operating Co. Inc.
Mr. David Stamey
Dr. Carl Glen Cooley
Dr. David Townsend
Mrs. Juanita Coutee
Mr. David Morgan
Mr. Fred Clark
Mr. Henry Taylor
Mr. James F. Justiss III
Mr. O. Bryant Lewis
Mr. Richard Westrop
Mr. Robert Earl Turner
Mr. Robert W. DeKeyzer
Mr. Sonny B. Evans Jr.
Mrs. Winnie D. Wyatt
Mr. Thomas Wright

Chief Executive Officer’s ($500.00 to $999.00)

Mr. Jimmy R. Pugh
Mr. Kenneth G. Terrell Jr.
Mr. Mark E. Conley
Dr. Gloria E.Durr
Dr. Walter Creighton

Vice President’s ($250.00 to $499.00)

Mr. Richard R. Anderson
Mr. David H. Kees
Sen. Gerald Long

Administrator’s ($1.00 to $249.00)

Dr. Bobby G. Canterbury
Dr. Jeffrey W. Totten
Judge William P. Cunningham Jr.
Ltc. Melinda J. Morrell
Mr. Allen L. Evans
Mr. C. Rodney Harrington
Mr. Curtis D. Penrod
Mr. David M. Wilcox
Mr. Don B. Brown
Mr. Donald J. Ray
Mr. Edward M. Egan
Mr. Francis P. Kearney
Mr. Graham O. Peavy
Mr. James N. Ricks
Mr. Jerry W. Brill
Mr. Kenny Hrapmann
Mr. Leonard W. Blanton Jr.
Mr. Scriven Taylor
Mr. Steven M. Holloway
Mr. Steven P. Bennett
Mr. Thomas S. Brassell
Mr. William A. Taylor
Mrs. Anne L. Stevens
Mrs. Carolyn T. Sheridan
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Arthur
Mrs. Melanie G. McCain
Mrs. Patricia J. Fee
Ms. Alma R. Alost
Ms. Carol D. McCoy
Ms. Jannah C. Gray
Ms. Rhonda D. Cartwright
Ms. Sue Champion
Rev. Ronnie L. Evans