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Jobs & Internship Opportunities

Posted July 12th -An NSU alumnus shared this opportunity. His organization is looking for a Cyber Security Analyst. The salary is $52,000 per year.  The required education is a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology or one to two years of related experience and/or training or an equivalent combination of education and experience. For more information on the position, please see http://jobs.srg-us.com/jb/Cyber-Security-Analyst-Jobs-in-St-Petersburg-FL/4627188?.

Posted June 13th – Ms. McDowell shared this position. Valiant Integrated Services is looking for an experience, highly skilled Information System Technologist to join their professional team at Fork Polk, LA to provide support to the Army Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, and Simulations (TADSS) Maintenance Program (ATMP). For more information on this position, please click here.

Posted June 13th – Dr. Parker shared this opportunity. The Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program is looking for an administrative assistant intern. This internship will help sharpen your business acumen and improve other skills needed to enter a fast-paced work environment. Please see the attached document if you are interested.

Posted May 22nd – An alumnus let us know that Fairfield Studios (http://fairfieldstudios.com/) is in search of a sales team for their studio and their TV show that is airing in Natchitoches along with 25 plus stations across 9 states.  They would like to expand their business and become the leader in production for Natchitoches and Cenla along with the selling of commercial and sponsorships for their TV show on a local, regional , and national level. They are looking for an intern or a recent graduate who has a lot of motivation in sales.  They do believe in compensation and offer commission on sales.  If you are interested, please contact Mr. John Chambers at Fairfield Studios at johnchambers@fairfieldstudios.com.

Posted May 3rd – Dr. Wright shared this opportunity. Sabine Parish is looking for someone to be their technology coordinator. This person would have a goal to configure, install, support, and maintain district wide-area network and school-based local-area-network components and to ensure that district-wide network communications processes are maintained. While this position is a 12-month position, the person does get Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays aligning with the school calendar. The salary is a good salary for a starting position in central Louisiana. Please see the attached flyer for more information. Additionally, the position should be posted soon at https://sabine.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx. If interested, you will be able to apply there.

Posted May 3rd – A representative from CGI was on-campus this week to listen to senior CIS presentations. She wanted to share that CGI has both full-time positions and an internship. The full-time positions are in Software Development and Programmer/Analyst. The internship is for software development/engineering. You can explore these opportunities and other opportunities at https://www.cgi.com/en/careers. If you apply, please let Mr. Penrod know at penrodc@nsula.edu so he can let the representative know to be on the lookout for your application.