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Academic Tech Support Specialist at Information Systems on Northwestern State University's Natchitoches campus. 208 Roy Hall. Phone #5594.


Do you want to develop a business plan to compete for prizes? Well, if yes, then our 2nd Inferno Pitch is for you!  The competition starts August 19th, 2019.   Please see:  Video #1 (short): https://youtu.be/9ocK0dSe4v0
Video #2 (long): https://youtu.be/0-hjCo3_rUI.  Also, please check out https://my.nsula.edu/course/view.php?id=12367&notifyeditingon=1 for more information, contact your favorite Business Instructor to get started, because the HOTTEST IDEA WINS!!!

Inferno Pitch Business Development

Promo on Pitch Competition available
by NSU News Bureau

Northwestern State University received permission from Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program to share the following promo video with the community. The video highlights the concept behind the business pitch competition in which students from Northwestern State, Grambling and LSU-S participated. NSU named the competition “The Inferno Pitch.”

Students developed a business plan to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges/prospective investors who selected the winners.

With the first place finish, Alba Maloff Johnson and Matthew Broekman won $3,000, a scholarship to Louisiana Startup Prize 2019, a scholarship to the Patent Academy and six months of professional services from the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program.

Second place winners were the team of Brooke Smith, Kamamalu Nishihira-Asuncion, Kennedy Cullen and Kortney Greer for Safe Shackles, a product that can be used to detect Sexually Transmitted Infections. Second place includes a $1,000, a scholarship to the Patent Academy and six months of professional services from the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program.

Third place winner Joshua Johnson pitched In the Field Communication, a communication device that helps officers move from the vehicle to outside the car. Third place prize is $500, a scholarship to the Patent Academy and six months of professional services from the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program.

The AEP promo video can be seen here:


Inferno Pitch – Workshop Agenda (PDF Format)

https://vimeo.com/287707800 (password is EAP)

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