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About Us

Each year, NSU’s College of Business & Technology educates approximately 800 undergraduate students. We are among the top 5% of business programs worldwide – and one of the few undergraduate programs – to have earned AACSB accreditation, a marker of excellence. Other AACSB schools include Harvard Business School and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. The major areas of focus are Accounting, Computer Information Systems, a Finance concentration, a Management concentration, and a Marketing concentration. Business Administration majors may obtain a general business administration degree or concentrations in Finance, Marketing, or Management.

Mission Statement
The mission of the School of Business is to provide students with a business education that prepares them for successful careers and responsible citizenship roles in the world of business.

Vision Statement
As an undergraduate school embedded within a teaching institution, the School of Business will become primarily recognized for providing a high quality, technologically-linked business education in a student-oriented learning environment.  We will serve mostly regional students in a small class setting that encourages interaction.

We recognize that faculty responsibilities extend beyond teaching into research and service.  In terms of research, and as an integral part of their responsibilities, our faculty will produce quality intellectual contributions that focus primarily on business practice and learning/pedagogy.

Our school outreach efforts will center primarily on supporting regional economic development efforts: however, we will also encourage faculty service in the form of membership and participation in professional, service, and university and regional organizations as an important part of continued professional development.

Assurance of Learning Goals
The School of Business faculty approved four major student oriented learning goals.  The first three of these goals have three defining objectives and the final goal has two defining objectives.  These goals and their defining objectives are listed below.

Goal 1: Effective Communicators:
Students should be able to:

  • Objective 1a: Produce professional quality business documents
  • Objective 1b: Deliver professional quality oral presentations
  • Objective 1c: Demonstrate communication skills in team settings

Goal 2: Integration of Knowledge across Business Disciplines including Technology:
Students should be able to:

  • Objective 2a: Demonstrate understanding of key concepts and theories in various functional areas of business
  • Objective 2b: Demonstrate the ability to draw on knowledge and insights from a variety of disciplines when analyzing and formulating solutions to problems and opportunities

Goal 3: Critical Thinking
Students should be able to:

  • Objective 3a: Use appropriate analytical techniques to identify and frame problems
  • Objective 3b: Generate and compare alternatives
  • Objective 3c: Use knowledge of analytic processes and reasoning skills to optimize organizational performance
  • Objective 3d: Understand and use current organizational technologies

Goal 4: Global, and Cultural Perspectives:
Students should be able to:

  • Objective 4a: Identify cultural/global perspectives among co-workers, customers, competitors and regulators

Do you remember those life-long friendships, late night study times, athletic and student organization events and so many other valuable life lessons you received only at NSU?

You had the opportunity to create those memories and many more while you were pursuing your business degree at Northwestern State University. So today we are inviting you to help others live memorable times by supporting the programs and activities within the School of Business through the Annual Campaign.

Any gift, regardless of the size is important–Participation is vital.

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